We are Human Beings, superior mammals as we are capable of rational thought that we may then communicate to others of our kind.
It is our nature to seek Improvement in order to survive.
Improvement for one may be a burden on another as there are givers and takers.

Compromise is a necessity or we would wipe ourselves out!

ELD’s are a tool, a tool that Mankind may use to Improve civilization.
A hammer drives a nail into wood that has been cut by a saw, we thus know that one tool only, Improves Nothing.

We must understand that ELD’s are only a part of the equation as they only manage Time.
Risk is not addressed by the ELD alone.
Regulations are in place to manage risk but just as an ELD only manages Time, regulations are only a part of the equation.
How do we eliminate unnecessary Risk?
Drivers must be paid for the Time that the ELD manages as ELD’s Only Support the Regulations!

The outlaw carriers did not want ELD’s, society did.

The outlaw carriers grasped what was before them and used many tools, both moral and immoral, to adapt the use of the ELD so that they may improve themselves while appeasing society.

What have Drivers done to adapt to the use of this tool, the ELD?

Quality of Life depends on how we Improve our lives.
We must work to have leisure.
Leisure Time is earned at the end of the work-shift.
The ELD provides a Measurement Tool that may be used to replace the Piece Work Wage Method that was once acceptable only because a Measurement Tool was never before available!

Progress for society, of which we are part, is achieved as we build civilization because we seek Improvement.
We Drivers work with our hands while others work with their minds, labor and management.
A symbiotic relationship must exist and thrive between labor and management for Improvements to civilization to be made.

Improvement for what segment of civilization, labor or management?

Have we allowed the advancement of management to exceed the advancement of labor because we have placed value in the lessons management have taught us so as to Leave Us Behind?
Have We witnessed the success of outlaw carriers only to perceive, that we to, may be successful by following the criminal example set?

We have failed to anticipate, to project the course that management has anticipated and projected based on the desires and direction that society has regulated upon us when we are on the job.
We have failed to realize that those who have trained us, who led us, did so to improve their lives only.
We have failed to realize that we have been taken advantage of by criminals because we fail to recognize that we ourselves desire to emulate the criminals who are taking us down, who are killing us so that we may be devoured.
We have failed out of hunger as we all want the same fish instead of learning to fish as management has done.

The second shot was fired in 1980, the response to the first shot fired when unionization made efforts to eliminate “Piece Work Wages” due to the unsafe working atmosphere they supported. 
Our JOBS have transformed from the Wagoner’s in which the “strongest survived” to “regulated” to “deregulated” and now to “controlled”.

The Powerful Few Control UNLESS the Powerful Masses claim their earned degree of control.

The government is not controlling us!
The oligarchy who controls the people, who direct the government, is controlling us.
We Drivers are not the only segment in society that is being led around by the noses!

We have been trained to value Production over Time.
Management controls the Amount that we may produce.
Management controls the Time we may produce within.
Therefor, Management controls the Freedom that we Work to Have Available to Us.

We have been trained to believe that Preforming specific JOB Duties is Time to Enjoy Freedom.
Really, are we to believe that we are in our “Home Away From Home” on “Paid Vacation” while we are earning a spectacular wage per the amount of pieces we produce and are paid for.
The truth is, we are preforming the duties of the job as instructed while being away from a lifestyle that the Job Affords Us to build because we are AT Work in order to do so.

Our value is based on our ability to produce to the benefit of the employer for the profit of the carrier.
Our value is NOT based on the Time and Experience we have sold the employer so that we may produce what we are assigned to produce.
The onus is on the employee who has no control over the employers responsibility or ability to preform their job to manage the employee’s Time for the profit of the carrier.
We have, therefore, been trained to believe that Job Duties we are required to preform are moments of Unpaid Freedom within our Working Day.

Unlike Freedom, which implies an absence of restraint, Liberty implies the ability to choose among alternatives rather than merely being unrestrained.

A Job Has Liberties available to those who are working.
When We Are AT Work, We are At Work in order to AFFORD Freedom away from the job in pursuit of happines.
A Job is something one is Paid To Do!!!
Freedom is only accessible if We Can Afford Freedom by Earning Freedom!

We have been trained to believe that only Time Producing is Time Worked and all other Time is Freedom Time so it is therefore, Unpaid Time.
We have, therefore, been trained to permit a system be in place that requires us to “Break The Law” in order to merely survive!!!

A Driver has to be able to afford to abide by the Time Based Regulations in order for Risk to be minimized so that SAFETY may be Maximized!!!


The “ELD OR ME” movement provides opportunity on many levels. 
It is a battleground in which combatants may come together under the auspice of a unified force to pronounce that our ability to Improve ourselves is under attack.
How may we work to Improve society if the ability to Improve Ourselves is Stifled???

The “ELD OR ME” battle will be successful because of the efforts made to unify!!!

Scott M Reed is doing what he believes needs to be done while others fail to anticipate the overall outcome of his endeavor.
Will Mr. Reed be scorned for his attempt to effect change should this battle be considered a failure by those who fail to anticipate, by those who fail to improve, by those who are led around by the nose?
Will Mr. Reed walk away if this battle is lost?
Will Mr. Reed inspire others to walk away if he does so?
Will those who walk away only return defeated to be led around by the nose?

This battle alone will not decide the outcome of what is to be!
 We need to build strength and momentum through any battle that is fought!!! 
Mr. Reed has already proved himself successful to those of Us who seek a solution!
Leaders such as Mr. Reed must be given opportunity to reevaluate the objective of the Cause in order to seek allies who may work collectively towards achievable goals that will satisfy the combatants needs.

We will only be victorious if we Fight Battles, Win or Lose!
Many Battles decide the outcome of War!

You My Friends, are questioning authority. This gives you Power!
Power to learn.
Power to teach.
Power to Lead!

You and your friends Build upon this Power, Build a platoon in support of a Cause For Justice.
Participation in a movement to Improve our lives builds Unity and Unity Builds a Winning Team!
We are fighting gorilla warfare until the leaders of the tribes meet and agree upon the purpose and goals to be sought after and achieved.
Build your Gorilla Platoons and offer aid and assistance to other Gorilla Platoons as they will come to your aid. Support offered and donated to furnish arms is just as important as bearing arms!

This Battle Will Build Unity if we understand the the goal is to truly IMPROVE All of Our Lives and the Lives of Those Who Follow In OUR Footsteps!
We Must Be Unified Under One Purpose and Goal to Win This WAR!!!

We do Not have license to do as we please!
We have a responsibility to ourselves, our families and friends and to the public we serve to abide by the regulations of the job for the Improvement to civilization in which our society lives, works and plays.
Society has a responsibility to provide “We The Drivers” the necessary tools so that we may be part of the society we serve.
Monitoring our time spent at work to ensure that we work in compliance of the regulations is acceptable provided we may prosper, Improve Ourselves, for the good of civilization.

We Drivers Must ALL Be Able To Afford to Operate In Compliance of the Regulations if a true measure of SAFETY is to be achieved on our part!

Now Lets Go Have a Party, A Tea Party!!!

Pat Hockaday (JoJo)

Dedicated to my ally,
Brigitte B.