I’ve got a trade show order on the wagon. I have all of my paperwork with copies and WEIGHT TICKETS all ready to go. I’ve done my job as it is supposed to be done.

A trade show order consist of the shipper (who acts on behalf of the customer), the transport agent, the drayage company and the floor sales people for the product (acting on behalf of the customer).

I just checked in at the marshaling yard with the drayage company. The drayage company receives the freight at the convention center so they control the flow of trucks delivering. The drayage company is paid by the weight of the product moved as well as other fees.
I am paid a trade show fee of $250.00 to cover detention time at both ends as normally there is not a set appointment time at destination and the shipping end tends to run late. I do receive $150.00 if I have to spend the night on the shipping or receiving end.

For us, trade show freight has become undesirable. The rates have drastically dropped. This is because what was once good paying freight has become the target of freight haulers who put their Employee Drivers on these loads. They do it cheaper than we.

While servicing these shows I have had to wait for several hours to get checked in because the unsuspecting Employee freight haulers do not have ALL of the paperwork in order. They also do not know the show name or booth numbers. I’m stuck in line while these guys and gals are on the phone to people who do not have a clue.

I have been stuck in line with Drivers who do not have weight tickets. When this comes up in the conversation and I tell them to go get their weights I am the stupid one. They were not told to get weights. After an hour of waiting in line and we get close enough for them to see and hear Drivers being turned away from the window because they don’t have weights, the non-believers get a sick worried look on their faces. They called in an hour ago when I told them and the clueless people told them not to worry, they were OK. No, they have to go get weights and stand in line all over again.

I was just directed to go over the scale at the marshaling yard. Even though I have my weights they are going to weigh me. This is a HUGE Problem for me as I know how this will play out. I go to the check in window knowing that I Am Going To Say Something About This!!!!
The lady at the window is very nice and I forewarn her that I have an issue and it’s not with her.
I check in and as always they keep my BOL’s. Now the Wrath of Pat emerges slowly at first.
I ask if I will be given my BOL’s in the morning when I am called up and I give the nice lady a wink.
“No sir, you will get your BOL’s when you come back here to get your light weight” she says.
“OK, how much are you going to pay me for this extra service” I reply loud enough for the bosses in back and the freight haulers in line to hear.
“No sir, you have to come back to get your paperwork” she says.
“Are you receiving the freight here and if so lets take it off now” I reply.
“No sir, you have to come back here so we can get your light weight” she says.
“I’ve done my job and have given you a heavy weight and a light weight as well as copies of everything you need” was my reply.
“No sir, we need you to come back here so we can get our weights” she says with a half grin as she knows where I am going next.
“OK, You Require A Service From Me, again, HOW MUCH DOES IT PAY” I say loudly with a smile on my face.
“That’s not how it works sir” she says as she gets up to take a step back anticipating what is coming.
“I KNOW HOW IT WORKS!!! You Hold Me HOSTAGE So I’ll Do Your Job For You!!!” and then I blast them “YOU MOTHER F’ERS DON’T WORK FOR FREE BUT YOU EXPECT US TO!!!!”……………
I give the nice lady a wink and a smile and walk away.

It’s heart breaking to watch the freight hauler Employee Drivers as they slowly grasp that they are going to miss their next pick up because they only know that their appointment time was 6:00 AM. They didn’t know about the marshaling yard and showed up at the entrance of the convention center at 6:00 AM only to be directed to the docks and then to the marshaling yard.
They already spent a day to get loaded and had to run non-stop in their governed trucks to get to the Convention Center and now find themselves 2 hours late or behind. NOW, they learn that they May not get offloaded until after noon. The clock is ticking and they are not making money!!!

As I walk away from the window the freight haulers are looking at me as though I was making them look bad.
I look over at them in their sloppy clothing and say “I just LOVE doing that!!!!” and walk away knowing that the line has ended for me as I don’t have to stand behind MORE Unprepared Freight Haulers who are excited about hauling “High Dollar” show freight.
If only they knew!!!!

Maybe after they have done this a time or two it will sink in?????