Congressman Arrington,

The heard is split and stampeding in several directions.
Only bi-partisan policies and legislation will “Calm the Heard”.
I commend you for working with colleges from the other parties.

As an OTR Driver I am exposed to the population of the Nation.
First and foremost, Nationwide, we are largely a population that wants instant gratification without participating in or paying attention to the process.
Secondly, we citizens, seem to think that we need to know everything even though we don’t need to know everything. We hired those such as you to know what we don’t need to know and shouldn’t know. I’m primarily speaking of Top Secret information and operations.
Thirdly, we citizens seem to have short attention spans and bad memories. We keep changing our minds and forget what our priorities once were.

I find it amazing that those who want to throw the bums out are the ones who are unaware that progress is being made in the direction that they want to go in. Dissatisfaction that 100% of their desires have not instantly been fulfilled gives reason to blame our legislatures of being corrupt.

The news sources on which the public relies is a mockery!!!
How are we to be informed when the news itself is conflicted?
A simple man such as myself, runs into discrepancies when using the internet trying to do research. Facebook and other social media only make understanding the issues more difficult as the assumption is those that post have done the research and have the wisdom to discern fact from fiction, truth from untruth.

The flowing political sands under we citizens feet only complicates desired results. One major issue can destroy all progress made on many minor issues that were generally taking this nation in the direction that the overall population wanted.

Can you be corrupted?
Will you become corrupt?
Are you already corrupt?
Wether it be true or not, as a politician you are labeled as corrupt.
“We the People” blame the government for all of our woes.

“We the People” go shopping with a list of everything we want and we expect the government to fill that list!
It’s not our fault that the government has misspent and pocketed our tax dollars so that we get nothing!
Oh, and by the way, Don’t Raise OUR Taxes so that We May Pay for what we want AND Quit Selling OUR Country to the Chinese!!!

Congressman Arrington, if it turns out that you are doing the job we need you to do, I believe that we, your constituents, should be the ones who decide if you stay or not.
Consider the time that must be invested in establishing a voice so that we may go in a desired direction.
Consider that once a course has been charted the elected officials who know and understand the reasons behind setting the course in the first place will be the ones who have to justify and defend the chosen direction.
Obviously there will be needed diversions and corrections.
Who has the wisdom and rank to keep us on course?
The experienced or the inexperienced?

Sir, I expect you to tell me what I need to know NOT what I want to hear.

I’m concerned that if term limits are set without multiple terms of service available enabling those we elect to “Ride Heard”, our tax dollars will be squandered as we continuously “Reign in the Strays”.

Term limits is not on my list.
Balancing the budget is and has been for 30+ years!
Would we have a balanced budget today had we followed through with the Clinton Plan?
Probably not but we would probably still be on course to a balanced budget.

As a civilization that requires governance, “We the People” are the Flip Floppers.
We have placed ourselves in jeopardy.
We need our legislatures to make solid and sound decisions based on solid and sound information that protects the least of us.
Honorable elected officials tasked with conducting the business of “We the People” should not be “Put Out to Pasture” for doing as they were elected to do.


Patrick B. Hockaday