So Some of Us are ELD Trolls?

Where were you 20 yrs ago when it became apparent that the future of trucking was changing?
Were you one of those who thought we didn’t know what we were talking about 15yrs ago?
Maybe you were one of those who said “They can’t do that” 10yrs ago!

Did you start backing OOIDA’s Effort 5yrs ago?
How much did YOU give to the PAC Fund to fight these boxes????
I’m heavily invested in this fight and we have lost round 1!!!!
Most of you couldn’t Afford to contribute what we have contributed because we were eating Pork and Beans served up Hot Off the Exhaust Manifold!!!!

Is it possible that you and others just woke up?????

Are we ready for ELD’s? NO.
Is it still possible that there may be an extension? Maybe.

Consider that some of Us Trolls know what we are talking about because we witnessed the evolution of these boxes.
I’m sorry that many, if not most, were ignoring this issue while we were witnessing the FMCSA coerce small and medium carriers into implementing E-Logs under the excuse of safety.
The Writing Was On The Wall in front of each and everyone of you but you were to busy playing video games or watching TV in your “Home Away From Home” while being “On Paid Vacation”!!!!

Hmm, did the safety of many of these carriers improve?
I believe so.
Under what parameters?

While many of you are just waking up there are those of Us putting it to bed and moving on to the next step.

Guess what, We Once Again Being Called Stupid and CRAZY!
Is history going to repeat itself?
We don’t have time to let that happen!
The robots are coming and the next time you guys wake up, you would have been thrown to the curb!

Those of us who have been spat upon don’t owe you or the others anything yet we are still here trying to share our knowledge!
We are getting old and ready to walk away from this madness!
Out of respect to you and the others we are being Good Boy Scouts trying to leave it better than we found it.

I support this movement, not because ELD’s are going away, because you Drivers are finally waking up and there may be hope for the future!

Wake Up and Get MAD because you have been repeatedly Lied To!
Get Mad because you have been Cheated and Stolen From!
Get MAD As Heck at YOURSELVES because you are 20yrs behind and they are 30yrs ahead of US.
Get Mad As Heck because you have allowed PREDATORS to be YOUR Teachers and they have Taught you to make THEM MONEY!!!

Drivers were once Respected Upper Middle Class Blue Collar Workers.
We are now Disrespected, Under Paid, LOWER MIDDLE CLASS!
Can any of you figure out the correlation here???

We have been brainwashed into believing those who have taken advantage For Their PROFIT!
We have Helped them every step of the way because we are, ignorant, Hungry, Indentured Servants that rely on the company store.

They have proven time and time again that we are “A Dime A Dozen” as they laugh All The Way To The Bank!

Nobody is going to Respect US if We Don’t Respect Ourselves!!!
Read the Hateful, Disrespectful GARBAGE Being Spewed On Every Drivers Forum!
It is easy to understand that we have Divided Ourselves so that THEY MAY CONQUER!!!!

PREDATORS who compete against one another have joined forces in carrier associations.
They are Pushing for Regulations that MAKE Them Money at your expense.
Guess What???
Many Drivers Support What They Are Doing because they, the Drivers, believe that the criminal carriers want them, the Drivers, to make money.

Carrier based Truck Driving Schools and Lease Purchase programs Make them Money!
Yeah Mr. OO, $1.00 a mile + and you have helped establish rates that you aspire to do better than?
How Does That Work Mr. OO???
Yeah Mr. OO, your gonna earn more than a Co Driver because “They Want You To Succeed”!
Does it make any sense for you to be More Expensive than the Co Driver Mr. Businessman???
I know and respect that you are trying to better yourself.
Are You Bettering Yourself by working like a slave???
One Thing For Sure, Unknowingly, you are hurting yourself and the rest of US!
I know, you were told………………..
And You were also told “Not to listen to US because WE don’t know anything”.
Yep, we old farts want you to drag us down with you, don’t ya know.

We are Drivers, Bothers and Sisters, and We need to Look out for Ourselves!
Nobody Else Is Going To!!!

Pat Hockaday (JoJo)