The ELD only monitors the movement of the truck NOT the movement and activities of the Driver.
OOIDA’s court case has been denied a rehearing. Drivers never understood the significance of this case. Even if OOIDA had of won their case I believe that ELD’s would have ended up in all trucks due to market forces.

So why did I back OOIDA?

Now that the precedent has been set to permit electronic monitoring, will that expand to our personal vehicles?
Will the next step be to have the Drivers themselves continuously monitored with bio-metrics?
Sure, capacity may decrease slightly but for how long?

As long as extra capacity is cheap and there is a profitable revolving door at the entry level, unneeded capacity will easily flood the market as unpaid Drivers sitting and waiting offers opportunity for the carrier to profit with little additional expense as opposed to an empty truck sitting in the yard.

Employee OTR Drivers Wages are the key to utilizing capacity efficiently for the Drivers sake.
A market purposely flooded, because it is affordable to do so, increases the odds for carrier profit only as it REDUCES the Value of ALL Drivers.

ELD’s are being used to the advantage of the carriers NOT the Drivers!

ELD’s can be made to Work For The Drivers but as we all should know, the ATA and others have been and are putting legislation in place to protect their interest because they know the restraints that ELD’s present.
A couple of rule changes in the past, along with the upcoming F4A Legislation, are necessary for the carriers to have in place for the carriers To Make Sure These Black Boxes Work For Them!!!