To assume that we are working within a free market is a foolish thought. In order to have a free market there must be balance. No, I tend to believe that we are working within a controlled market as big money is standing without any opposition.

To continually blame the government for representing those who seek representation is a weak argument. Money may buy exposure but our votes put them in office. Granted, money buys favors but those favors must be considered based on opposition from the voters.

I see the problem as that of the Drivers not being able to afford to work within the regulations so more regulations are put in place trying to force what we can not afford to do.

Are the regulations the problem? To a degree I would say yes. If Drivers could afford to be 100% compliant and were 100% compliant then inadequacies with the regulations would stand out and could be reformed.

This train of thought leads me to believe that steps need to be taken to bring the market into balance so that inadequacies within the law may be addressed.

If Safety is the primary goal that needs to be addressed, then I believe a system needs to be in place that permits Drivers to operate safely while maintaining an adequate income. If the employee Drivers were paid a fair and decent wage for the duties that they must preform, non preforming Drivers would be replaced.

Piece work wages are the root of our problems as production today is all important as there may be no production for tomorrow. The sooner the trailer is empty the better position the Driver is in to get loaded.

As long as it is cost effective to add capacity because the employee Drivers Time has no value, more capacity will be added lessening the prospect to be able to produce pieces. The cycle then only intensifies requiring more regulations in an attempt to force safe behavior.

I’m against ELD’s as I’m not a criminal. I already know that I am at work the entire time that I am stationed to the truck. To many Drivers have been brainwashed to believe that only miles matter and this thinking has created a Safety nightmare. Time is relevant!!!

I earned $10.09 an hour after all expenses including my truck payment for every hour that I was AT Work last year. I ran 94,649 miles in 332 days which I claimed per diem on. I operate legally as I have to much to lose by not doing so.

As I understand it, the original need to pay piece work was due to the inability to supervise the workforce. ELD’s fill that need so it is obvious that piece work wages may now be replaced for employee Drivers. Labor laws and interpretations have advanced as well as we are seeing more and more misclassification court cases.

Big money is trying to Take away the States Rights to have labor laws in place that protect the Employee Drivers through F4A Preemption as we speak. If the Drivers, labor, do nothing to balance the market WE All will be adversely affected as they, big money, will assume control.

Big money has divided labor and labor is crying about the government while big money uses the government to their advantage.

Big money has a huge lead on us and We fail to learn from the very successful big money robber barons and choose to fight amongst ourselves and blame the government. Time is running out and we will be boxed in as indentured servants shopping from the company store.

I told the Wall Street Journal that I would forfeit my civil liberties if Drivers would put these ELD’s to work for US!

It’s hard to think like a free man when you are a slave to debt. It’s easy to call the government the “Master” and revolt against the “Master” because you dare not bite the hand that feeds you!

On my web site,, I believe that I have a direction for US to pursue. I have been told behind closed doors that if OUR Membership wanted to pursue the type of agenda as I have laid out, it would not be a bad direction to go in.

I’ll leave it at that as it is not up to me to decide for the Drivers. It takes money to fight money and we are doing all that we can to “Fight The Fight” with the funds we have.

It is a shame that we have permitted the robber barons to take control. It is even a bigger shame that we do not pull our resources to take our share of control back.

I wrote this last year and with one minor change it applies today. We are seeing Employee OTR Drivers slowly start to fight back with law suits against the predators. We need to support these Drivers!!!

Misclassification of these Drivers that have placed them in peril via these scam lease purchase programs amounts to a predatory injustice to us all. If these lease purchase Drivers are only being paid little over a dollar a mile that holds us all back!

If Employee OTR Drivers are not being paid what is due it hurts us all as well.
Think about it! If the megas control freight rates by keeping them artificially low through their predatory tactics, the freight rates we and good carriers have to work with are kept low.

The regulations aren’t going to put us out of business but the low rates will.
We Have To Be Able to Afford to Operate In Compliance!!!!