Do we have the Freedom to do as we please while operating a CMV for personal gain and or profit to the employer?

Do we have License to do as we please while operating under the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations?

Have we been granted Permission to act independently while at our place of work?

Are we afforded Liberties while being RESTRAINED by the regulations our employer requires us to abide by?

Are the FMCSR’s the regulations, that govern how and for preforming what duties, Employee Drivers are to be paid?

Have we overlooked another set of regulations that provide a basis by which Employee Drivers are to be paid in which the ELD would be an advantage to Us All.

Title 29, Part 785 of the Code of Federal Regulations U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division

We condemn ELD’s for infringing on Freedoms that we do not have while preforming our Jobs.
ELD’s only provide a degree of enforcement that deny us opportunity to earn a living no different than paper.
We can more easily Cheat Paper.
To who’s advantage?
The ATA’s???

The ATA has thrown a bone out into a field!
While we are all chasing that bone, the ATA is affecting legislation that will DENY US PROTECTIONS of the LAW that We Have Failed to Recognize!

The FMCR’s govern US while we are AT Work/Working!
The FMCSR’s prescribe the duties of the job, how they are to be preformed and in what blocks of time they may be preformed so as to Minimize Risk as we operate amongst the public.

Could ELD’s Offer US ALL a degree of Protection if WE utilized ELD’s as an enforcement tool of long standing, tried and tested, Federal and State Labor Codes that require Minimum Standards of Payment and Benefit to ALL Employees?

Federal and State Labor Code GOVERN the ATA as to when and for what Employee Drivers are to be PAID!

These Predators are criminally minded, intent on making current illegal activity Legal!

The ATA recognized that they were backed up against a wall and HAD to Implement ELD’s for their Survival!
While WE are Fighting Over Table Scrap left to us by the ATA, the ATA is working DARN Hard to back US Up Against a Wall!

We need to Stop helping the ATA help themselves as they have Taught US What THEY Need US to Do!

Since 1989 I have witnessed the Drivers fuss, fight and complain while they foolishly play into the hands of the ATA advancing the ATA’s agenda.
25 years ago, the ATA saw these black boxes as a threat to their profit so the ATA started Altering Legislation that will place Profit Into Their Laps AT OUR EXPENSE.

The Government, and so therefor, the FMCSA are tools for “We The People”.
“We The Drivers” are a very small part of the population that has the potential to Adversely Affect the ENTIRE POPULATION!!!
We have therefore been kept in the dark while being sent on wild goose chases so that the Powers That Be may negotiate profitable terms to advance the replacement of a labor force that has the Potential To SHUT This COUNTRY DOWN!!!!
We see ELD’s as a threat to our existence, Are They Portraying Us as a Threat To The Countries Existence!

The ATA is 20 years ahead of US because we are digging holes looking for a bone that the ATA buried!

We could ALL live and work with ELD’s if we were living High On The Hog like we once did during a time when the Regulations, for the most part, Were Our Best Friends!

Pat Hockaday (JoJo)


An explanation of definitions concerning Liberty, Freedom, Independence, License, Permission

The Fourth of July is the day on which Americans commemorate their nation’s independence, a word that implies the ability to stand alone, without being sustained by anything else. Independence is usually associated with countries or nations.

Freedom and liberty more often apply to individuals.
But unlike freedom, which implies an absence of RESTRAINT or compulsion (the freedom to speak openly),
liberty implies the power to choose among alternatives rather than merely being UNRESTRAINED (the liberty to select their own form of government).
Freedom can also apply to many different types of oppressive influences (freedom from interruption; freedom to leave the room at any time), while liberty often connotes deliverance or release (he granted the prisoners their liberty).

License may imply the liberty to disobey rules or regulations imposed on others, especially when there is an advantage to be gained in doing so (poetic license). But more often it refers to an abuse of liberty or the power to do whatever one pleases (a license to sell drugs).

Permission is an even broader term than license, suggesting the capacity to act without interference or censure, usually with some degree of approval or authority (permission to be absent from his post).