The fuel island manager told the officer that it was getting worse daily. Guys like this were taking 30 to 45min on the fuel island without pulling forward so other Drivers could fuel up.

Yesterday I had a guy spray me down with Wasp Spray.
He was taking his 30min break on the fuel island leaving me stranded behind him.
I’m not out to have anybody fired including this guy. On the other hand, it seemed to me that this guy knew exactly what he was going to do if anybody said anything about his parking on the fuel island, he simply executed his plan of action on me.
This guy climbed into an idling truck and went straight for the Wasp Spray.
He could have easily closed the door and driven off totally ignoring me.

I explained to the officer that these guys are taking their mandatory 30 min break in conjunction with fueling the truck. Five minutes logged on duty for fueling and 30 minutes logged off duty to satisfy the mandatory 30min break.
They were utilizing their 20 minute fueling time and cheating the E-Log at the same time by working during their 30min break.

“Cheating the E-Log?’ he asked.
“I thought Truck Drivers made at least $1,200 a week” he said.
“Why do they have to cheat?” he asked.

Piece Work Wages Sir, these Drivers get paid by the mile without a milage guarantee. They have to get as much done as possible in as short a time as possible so that they might grab another load to continue chasing that carrot.
They are not paid for fueling, waiting to load/offload or for waiting to be dispatched for example.
In other words Sir, they are only paid when driving. This is only one reason why they “Cheat the book”.

As for us Drivers, we get mad when another Driver is doing what he feels he has to do to make a buck.
The elephant races, the guy taking to long to back in and so forth.
Could it be that We too are chasing a carrot?
When another Driver slows down our ability to make a buck only because they are trying to make a buck tensions mount amongst the Drivers.
Tensions mount on the roadways, at the docks and at the truck stops.
We are all trying to produce as much as possible today because we may have nothing to produce tomorrow!

This guy that sprayed me down is probably a decent fellow when he is not on the road trying to make a buck.
We Drivers work hard and are good people but low wages turn us into blue collar slaves racing a clock as we are not paid by the same clock that governs us.

I didn’t want to contact the carrier but I did.
What if he sprays another Driver damaging his eyesight causing him to lose his medical certificate?
What about the carrier should they get sued?

I made a police report because I’m thinking that I am not the first and will not be the last Driver this guy sprays down with Wasp Spray.

Police Report;

I make this police report because this guy knew exactly what he was doing making me think that I was not the first.

I addressed this guy as sir and in no way was hostile.
I only wanted to make him aware that he opened himself and his carrier up for possible sabotage due to his behavior.

There were only 3 fuel islands open. I fell in behind the center truck as there were trucks waiting behind the other two islands.

I waited 5 min before walking up to the truck to see that it was empty.

I walked inside to the fuel desk and waited in line to ask the clerk if there was a payment issue or problem.

The clerk made the announcement over the PA for the Driver to come move the truck.

The clerk and I walked out to the truck and knocked on the door. No one was there. The clerk went back inside.

I waited by the door for a few minutes when the Driver, the next fuel island over, told me to fall in behind him, he was finished.

I moved the truck over, put the hoses in my tanks and was running my card when this guy walked up.

I said “Sir, may I have a word”.
“Sir, I would like to talk with you”.

As I walked up to the truck he said “Get away from the truck”.
He was already in the Driver seat opening the upper center console when I walked up to the open door.

He totally ignored me and went straight for the can of Wasp Spray.
I was a good arms length away from the truck and had just spoken 3 words when I realized that he was pulling out a spray can.

Without saying a word, he pointed the spray can my way and I saw a 1/2 inch stream coming at my face.
As the trigger was pulled and the spray was coming at me. I think he said for the second time “Get away from the truck”.

I ducked and the spay hit me on the left side of head, down my face and neck and saturated my shirt at my chest and shoulder.

The truck was idling the whole time from start to finish. He did not need to start it as it was ready to go.

As he was pulling off I got pictures.

He drove through the lot I headed towards the exit.
Standing off to the side and as he passed to exit I got pictures of the license plate, the truck number and the trailer number.

Pat Hockaday (JoJo)