When Is An Employee Driver Preforming the Job Duties For Which They Should Be Paid???

The FMCSR’s prescribe the duties that Must Be Preformed INCLUDING how the Drivers Time may be used in order to Preform ALL Other Job Duties.
The Employee Driver is Governed by the Clock as well as having specific job duties that must be preformed to meet minimum standards such as the use of a chain over the use of a strap when securing the load.

The regulations, due to more stringent enforcement capabilities, have in fact made TIME relevant!

As an OO I know that milage pay must be considered along with the needed time to do the job within.
I am able to decide if the load is worth my TIME.

An Employee Driver has Gambled by giving the carrier control of Their TIME.
Will the carrier will provide enough work to be legally preformed within the time frame of which they, the carrier, have assumed ownership of?

Piece work wages have Cheated the Employee Driver out of Payment for their TIME!
Piece work wages have placed the burden of producing pieces dispatched in a manner that is only profitable to the Employee Driver, for them to earn as much as possible in an allocated time frame, so that they then are in readiness to serve, UNPAID, waiting for another work assignment!
Time has no relevance so far as the carrier is concerned because they are not held accountable for the time they control.

Just as I would steal food to feed my babies, an Employee Driver will gamble with the law to feed their babies.
Safety is and will be compromised in order for the Employee Driver to Feed Their Babies!

The problem is not the regulations even though the regulations may be problematic.
The problem is the method used to PAY the Employee Driver, PIECE WORK PAY!!!!!

Until Drivers Can AFFORD to operate in full compliance and then To ONLY Operate In Full Compliance, inadequacies and inefficiencies in the regulations will not be noticed for correction.

Pat Hockaday (JoJo)