The truth as I see it and the truth as you see it can be two different things. It doesn’t mean that I’m right and your wrong! We could both be 100% correct but we have different ways of interpreting and saying what we think. We could both be wrong and would only learn of it if someone else teaches us the truth.

The honest truth is what one perceives it to be and that depends on their background, culture, heritage and way of thinking just to start.

To sit back and say “I speak the Truth” can be insulting because one is saying the other is Wrong.
Well if one is right and the other is wrong then there is nothing more to be said and some just are not going to argue. To them, you have spat in their face because their opinion doesn’t matter and they feel unwelcome as a participant in the conversation.
When these others walk away we have ALL Lost!!!
We have lost opportunity to learn many things AND we have lost opportunity to Learn another perspective.

Conversation is a two way street. When we interact through conversation we are in engaging in many things BUT Most Importantly, we are sharing camaraderie, friendship and a piece of ourselves.
This is not an easy thing for many!!!!

I do my best to not say things that may be insulting to others when I write. This is HARD because I don’t always know what is insulting.
Think about it, everything written here is being read all over and I have no way of knowing how EVERYBODY is going to react.
The only thing I can do is hope that my written history tells others who I am and from where I am coming from.

I speak the truth as I Know It To Be, MEANING, I’m Receptive to Learning That I AM WRONG!!!!