To whom it may concern
I am writing because of some concerns that I have in the trucking industry. Jeff Denham’s and Senator Deb Fischer’s bills on meal and rest breaks Will stop States from implementing rules that will ensure the driver be paid for waiting time. This is one of the main agendas the American Trucking Association that Represent the major carriers who Want this.
What this means for the driver is that they will only be paid for mileage not for waiting times. This is wrong drivers are at the shippers and receivers on the company’s behalf and should Be paid for all waiting time.
An example of would be a firefighter or a policeman who are on duty sitting and ready for an emergency. They are still payed for all their time and it’s the same way for a truck driver. We are always at the ready.
If any of these bills come up the drivers would appreciate it if you would vote no. Laws need to be passed that the carriers have to pay drivers for all they waiting time. This is definitely a safety issue.
The next thing I would like to talk about is the ELD mandate. There are a lot of unanswered questions with this mandate namely safety concerns.
Hackers can get into shippers computers find out the route that a tanker loaded with flammable chemicals that can be used as a bomb to hurt our country. Also other trucks can be hijacked for electronics. This is a very big concern of mine because I know It’s only a matter of time before it happens if this ELD rule is implemented over the whole Trucking industry.
Look at what just happened with Equifax. 147 million Americans information was stolen.
Plus all major carriers should not be self-insured let the insurance. The marketplace should take care of this causing the carriers to train their drivers better and raise up the pay to the cost of living.
It will make highways safer plus The federal government also should pass a law that all cell phone companies when a vehicle is moving the phone can not call out unless it’s an 911 emergency. This will do away with the need for Autonomous vehicles and safeguard Americans jobs.
I have explained it to the best of my knowledge I hope you read this letter with an open mind and take what I have written to Heart.

Michael Whitaker