Dr. Michael Belzer, an economist, recently told me that if Drivers wages went up 20% the price of goods on the shelf would only increase about one half of 1%. That’s .50 cents on a $100 grocery bill.

Our economy is only paying for Distance Traveled NOT the Time It Takes to Travel Distance. Our economy is NOT Paying for the inefficiencies of the HOS, the Drivers are and this is why the Drivers ignorantly want more “Available Working Hours”.

Have we seen our wages go up Any Other Time we were given “More Flexibility”?
No we haven’t because the Laws of Supply and Demand dictate that an overabundance of anything has less value.

The HOS do not prevent a Driver from taking a nap or stopping while traffic settles, pick up and delivery schedules do. The need to keep the wheels turning places us in the position to keep Our Schedules Tight! In other words, we can’t Afford to run legally and we can’t Afford anything but a Tight Schedule.

While the HOS are problematic the biggest problem we have are the deplorable wages.
If the economy was paying for the regulations that are in place and it was found that the regulations created to much of a burden on the economy, Do You Think They Would Keep Piling More and More Regulations Upon US?????

Is the 14hr rule unsafe or is it how we apply the 14hr rule trying to keep our Schedules Tight that is unsafe? We Need To Be Able to Afford To Operate In Full Compliance!!!!

Flooding the market with “Available Working Hours” goes in the WRONG DIRECTION!!!
It keeps our wages low!

Has every Driver earned exemptions from the HOS or just Experienced Drivers?
Do we want All Drivers exempted from the 14hr rule?
I believe that Only Experienced Drivers should be exempt from the 14hr rule!!!

We have fought regulations unsuccessfully for years. I think it’s time to start fighting for a wage fitting the 24/7 job so that we can afford to give “We The People” the services they expect while operating within the regulations that “We The People” have demanded to be put in place!!!

Cheap Freight Relies on Cheap Labor!
Safety Comes At a Price!

We Can’t Continue Paying the Price for What “We The People” Want and Demand From US!!!
Governed by the Clock and Paid by the Piece is an UNSAFE Contradiction!!!