Reasonable dispute, an opportunity to share knowledge NOT hear say, gossip or perceived truths.

I don’t have a crystal ball to see into the future. I have done massive amounts, for me, of research so that I may share an educated opinion. I’m just a truck Driver who, one day in the past, has pulled his head out of his ass to start investigating the reality of our situation. I do not claim to be an expert and I sure as hell don’t know it all.

I am paying attention as best I can and it consumes massive amounts of time. I share what I learn and that consumes even more time. I spend hours on the phone in conversation with knowledgeable people interpreting my findings and getting other perspectives so that when I share opinions, the opinions I share have balance and credence.

Your no fool and your not an idiot! You voice your concerns and speak your opinions but you fail to seek out the truth. I understand why, I am living it! I sometimes think that I am the FOOL for devoting every spare moment and then some in an effort to KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. Does this mean that I am 100% correct? Hell No!!!

So I have to wonder, considering the efforts I make, why your opinions are more valid than mine especially when you have no backing documentation to validate your OPINIONS.

Understand, I listen to your opinions, consider the implications and then if there is merit, I follow up by seeking more information.

I am not looking for attention, fame or fortune! I see injustices being perpetrated against my brothers and sisters and my moral fiber will not permit me to stand by and do nothing!!!!!

Why are so few seeking the truth while the majority prop themselves up on unfounded and baseless OPINIONS???
Can’t we see that there are rational, logical and accepted methods and procedures set up within our society specifically designed through our Constitution so that we citizens may participate in our governance???

The mega corporations have had great success participating within the system while we bitch and complain as “Thar ain’t nuthin we kin do bout it”!!!e

And we wonder why we are being CONTROLLED!!!!