As you should know by now, the ATA is seeking legislation to lock in piece work wages. They sell their plan to Drivers by telling Drivers they will have to know all of the States Labor Laws as the Employee Drivers will have to take paid rest breaks every 4 hours.
This is not exactly true, Employers are to make these paid breaks available in a few States.

What is not talked about is the fact that Employee Drivers are supposed to be paid Detention Time!
The Denham language, if enacted, will make payment of Detention Time Voluntary on the part of the carriers.
Federal Labor Code and California Labor Code requires payment of Detention Time. For some unknown reason, Drivers have been denied Detention Time for as long as I can remember. Now the ATA wants to make it legal to Not Pay Detention Time!

We Drivers are up against Big Money that wants it their way!

We were informed at the 23rd hour on 6/29 that an amendment concerning Meal and Rest Breaks put forth by Senator Deb Fischer passed the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation per a verbal vote. We have been informed that it supports the Denham Language, the first failed Anti -Trucker amendment attempted which was in the FAST Act.

Both Allen Smith and I called Senator Fischer’s D.C. office on Friday, 6/30, and they were unaware of the amendment that the Senator, Deb Fischer, submitted.
We both explained the repercussions towards Drivers that this amendment will create.

The ATA is promoting the need for  Drivers to support their garbage and the rest of US can’t even get our hands on the amendment.

ATA guy was on the Mark Willis show Thursday afternoon talking about Fischer’s amendment.

Transport Topics had an article written and ready to go on Thursday.

Dave Nemo read something on air Friday morning, the 30th, concerning Deb Fischer’s amendment. He only spoke of it prohibiting States Rights to mandate meal and rest breaks for Employee Interstate Drivers, nothing about denying States Rights to Protect Drivers from being Denied Detention Pay.

The ATA was quick to report news that the Senators office knew nothing about!
Yes, the ATA has gone to great extents to push and sell their meal and rest break garbage to the Drivers as they know we Drivers have shut this down twice already.

We must remember that Senator Deb Fischer was touted as being trucker friendly because of her activity in reforming the CSA.
Is she Trucker or ATA friendly?

As we know from the past two failed attempts, the FAST Act and the AIIR Act, it is the ATA’s strategy to introduce legislation at the last minute, during opportune moments such as holidays and into pressing legislation that must be decided upon.

May I remind You ALL that for every benefit an Employee Driver is denied, we OO’s and Independents must compete against a lower paid labor force.
More importantly, we can not stand behind Bad Regulations that treat any group of Drivers as second class citizens.

We suggest this statement be used when Drivers contact their legislatures, both the House and the Senate.

As a trucker, I’m against the Denham and the Fisher amendments to the FAA bill which will nullify state laws that require trucking companies to pay for rest breaks, detention time, and all required time spent on the job.
These amendments work against the interests of truckers to have benefits afforded all other workers, truckers rights to be paid for all time worked and they are also Anti State’s Rights and Anti SAFETY.

The ATA through the CTA started work in 2002 to alter Ca. Labor Laws to suit their needs.
The issue of F4A preemption will not go away.

I say fight fire with fire. If the ATA can introduce legislation to whittle away our ability to earn a fair and decent wage fitting the job, We Drivers can pursue legislation to assure that Employee OTR Drivers are properly paid.
The benefits towards safety alone should be reason enough to pursue this course!!!

While the regs are problematic, the main reason Drivers are against the regs is because they restrict them from earning a living.
Correct the Method by which Employee OTR Drivers are paid and the regulations will not be interfering with a Drivers ability to earn a days wages for a days work.

“We the People” are the regulators!
“We the People” are only paying for distance traveled NOT the time it takes to travel distance.

Governed by the Clock and Paid by the Piece needs to be changed for Employee OTR Drivers if safety is to be achievable!

Pat Hockaday (JoJo)

For more information please read:
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