OK OOIDA, Single Truck Independent Operators feel that they don’t need an ELD. 
I have no problem exempting them from ELD’s. After all, if they can stand the Heat and Scrutiny of the DOT audits that they will be subjected to, it will be apparent that they are responsible, law abiding Drivers
Why should they have to monitor themselves?
This horse and buggy mentality has definitely stopped the progress of mankind don’t ya know!
“Let’s all saddle up, ride into town and put an end to this new fangled horseless carriage Boys!!!”
By the way, I know several Independents who plan to utilize ELD’s because of the positive impact they will have towards their single truck operations.As a Lifetime member who contributes to the PAC Fund I have stood behind OOIDA’s efforts to curb the ELD Mandate. I did so based on the precedent this mandate would have established. I never thought that ELD’s would be kept out of the trucks.

What about the rest of US?
You know, the Lease Purchase Drivers, the Company Drivers and the OO’s like me?

We needed OOIDA to be part of the planning and design of these units but instead what we got are units that the carriers and carrier associations have strongly influenced to meet their needs for their profits.

For example, we need all dispatches and communications to be made through these devices thus providing the Driver documentation to be used to hold the carrier accountable.
We need the Driver to be able to extract and retain all of this information, unedited, just as a DOT Officer would be able to.

OOIDA has had Employee OTR Drivers pay on their top 10 list for many years now.
Why has OOIDA passed this perfect opportunity by???
Would the carriers have pursued ELD’s in the first place if they knew we were going to fire back by demanding the Employee OTR Drivers be paid by the same clock that governs them?
Would Speed Limiters had even come to the forefront if the carriers knew that they were going to pay for the slower trucks they want to save fuel expense with?

ELD’s alone do nothing for Safety!
ELD’s will only enforce regulations that we Drivers can not afford to comply with!
ELD’s in combination with a Time Based Drivers Pay Standard that pays Employee OTR Drivers for operating in full compliance will yield tremendous benefits to Us All!

From this point forward I will no longer contribute to the PAC fund as it is only serving Independents who want less regulation so as to continue this ridiculous notion of a private citizen operating their private vehicle. This ideology does not hold water for those of us who spend 24/7 AT Work / Working so that our work style might afford us a lifestyle.

OOIDA’s membership continues to play into the hands of the ATA and other carrier associations by wanting less regulation so that they may work more hours for less pay. The laws of supply and demand are well established and are being manipulated by Big Money for their profit at Our Expense!

Big Money pulls their resources through their associations to make them money.
We need our Drivers Association to work towards making Us Money, Not the Carriers!!!

Pat Hockaday (JoJo)

Having considered my overall position, I will continue to contribute to OOIDA’s PAC fund as there is more than just ELD’s at stake.
I would encourage all members to do so as well provided that they, just as I, are vocal about the issues they feel need to be addressed.
We, after all, are membership driven.