Owner Operator – Owns the equipment leased to a carrier.
Independents – One truck outfits that operate under their own authority.
Association – The membership directs the agenda.

OK, Employee OTR Drivers and Lease Drivers should now understand that they have a voice thru OOIDA and I encourage them to join OOIDA and start raising Hell!
As members, who’s needs are being ignored, we OO’s need your help!

I’m a contributing Life Time Member of OOIDA and proud of it! 
I contribute to the PAC Fund as I don’t pay an annual membership fee.
I am not afraid to let OOIDA know my thoughts as that is how an association works.

I think we members are out of touch with the business at hand and I think we have been directing OOIDA to cater to the ATA, TCA, The Alliance and other carrier associations out of ignorance.

I support Independents being exempted from ELD’s! 
For them to have to monitor themselves makes little sense.
I know of a few who already use ELD’s because it helps them with their business.

Many of the carriers have been coerced into using E-Logs and many have gone to them as it makes sense for their business model.
One thing for sure, ELD’s are coming and OOIDA has done little to nothing to make these boxes work for We Member Drivers!
Most All Drivers will not have the luxury of being exempted from ELD’s, we will have them in our trucks, Like It or Not!

We Drivers need these boxes to work For Us!
We Need These Boxes To Make US MONEY!
We Need The Employee OTR Drivers to Be PAID For Doing Their JOBS so that WE Will Be PAID For Doing OUR JOBS!!!!!!!!!

The ATA wants to lock in Piece Work Wages as the standard for paying Employee OTR Drivers!
They do Not want to pay Drivers Detention Pay as California Law Requires!
They tell Drivers that they will lose production time because of California’s Meal and Rest Break provisions. This is NOT True!!!

In California, employers are to make Meal and Rest Breaks Available to their Drivers, the Drivers decide if and when they take the breaks.
In California, the Employee OTR Drivers are to be paid for their Rest Breaks wether they take them or not.
In California, Employee Drivers are to be PAID for DETENTION TIME and this is what the ATA does not want US to know.

California has labor laws, specific to piece workers, these laws provide a model that needs to be Nationwide!!!

Why hasn’t OOIDA realized that Detention Time is the real issue behind the Fischer and Denham Amendments?

Whats wrong with our membership?
Why are We not telling OOIDA to FIGHT against the ATA backed Fischer and Denham amendments to the upcoming FAA Bill?
Don’t you Drivers realize that Meal and Rest Breaks are just the cover that the ATA is spewing lies about?
The ATA Wants You to Vote In Favor of an amendment that will save them money by Denying Drivers Income!

The real issue is DETENTION TIME!!!
None of us OO’s, Lease Drivers or Independents will be able to charge for Detention Time if the carriers make it legal to NOT HAVE TO PAY EMPLOYEE DRIVERS Detention Time!!!

When are we members going to hear OOIDA’s position on this issue???
I have heard Collin, of the DC office speak, about the upcoming piece work legislation which is part of this amendment but nothing else.
OOIDA says Nothing about the Fischer / Denham amendments taking away the States Rights to Protect Those Working Within the States Borders, Nothing At All!

If OOIDA will not put out a “Call To Action” I Will.
Call your Congressmen and Senators at 202-224-3121 ASAP and tell them that you are against the Fischer and Denham amendments to the FAA Bill.

Tell Your Senators and Congressman;
As a trucker, I’m against the Denham and the Fisher amendments to the FAA bill which will nullify state laws that require trucking companies to pay for rest breaks, detention time, and all required time spent on the job.
These amendments work against the interests of truckers to have benefits afforded all other workers, truckers rights to be paid for all time worked and they are also Anti State’s Rights and Anti SAFETY.

With or without the Independents, the rest of US need to stand together against these predators that want Us to continue WORKING FOR FREE!!!

Pat Hockaday (JoJo)