Truck stops are in business to make money just as you and I. By influencing legislation they increase their profits just as the major carriers do.

We Drivers need to look at our overall business model and decide how we may influence legislation to increase our profits. We have these mega associations showing us how it is done.

We are paid on a production basis, by the job or Piece Work Wages. There are those of us who have to consider the time it takes to produce Before we accept a job (OO’s-Independents) and there are those of us who’s job is to simply produce pieces as they haven’t the capability to consider the time involved (Employee OTR Drivers).

Parking is essential and the location and availability of parking is a factor in utilizing our legally available “production time”.

OK, NATSO wants to funnel truck traffic to their members truck stops for profit by disallowing expansion of parking. This of course increases the odds that they will benefit financially.

What are the Drivers doing to increase their profit as inadequate parking consumes regulated time needed to produce?

Two schools of thought;
Eliminate or reduce regulations enabling time to be used freely so that reaching the necessary parking is easily done
Increase wages to maintain our profit so that parking may be reached and utilized within the current rules.

Eliminating regulations will, overall, do more harm than good for the Drivers. Seeking legislation that has positive financial impact for the Drivers forces the hand of those who expect the service Drivers provide.

If Employee OTR Drivers were paid for their time available to produce it would become necessary to have facilities in place for them to maximize their legal production time.

In other words, Instead of Drivers having to forfeit production time, profit, based on parking availability, parking would be made available to maximize the Drivers legal production time as this would be cost saving to the public as opposed to profit making for the truck stops.