The ATA has been feeding Us with a lot of Bull, tricking Us to support their “For Profit Agenda”.

The F4A Preemption legislation that the ATA has backed via Congressman Jeff Denham is vital for the ATA carriers to fully control ALL Drivers Wages thereby controlling the Cost of Labor to the market.

This is much more complicated than meets the eye as there is a hidden agenda involved that would be to the detriment of ALL Drivers.

The ATA wants Drivers to believe this legislation is good for them, I Assure You It Is NOT!!!

The ATA has taken the general disdain towards California’s left wing, unionistic, and generally perceived over regulatory image among truck Drivers to take advantage of OUR Ignorance.

The ATA makes it appear that simplifying the system by Taking Away STATES RIGHTS, per their Labor Laws, over the working conditions of a single group of the States Citizens, Truck Drivers, and placing that Control under Federal jurisdiction is what Congress intended when they deregulated the States per the 1994 FAAAA Bill.

These Predators, many member carriers of the ATA, have conspired to affect legislation in a manner that will relieve them of responsibility for criminal acts against Intrastate Drivers who have won numerous law suits resulting in restitution and fines.

If these criminals have it their way and are able to pass F4A Preemption, into upcoming legislation or stand alone Bill, they will be relieved from having to pay the price for Crimes Committed!!!

By taking away the States Rights over Intrastate Drivers and lumping them in with Interstate Drivers under Federal jurisdiction, higher pay standards, that we Interstate Drivers should be seeking, would have been reduced giving the ATA and others the power to dictate how, when and for what we are to be paid.